Everyday Deals ® Cancel Order Policy

Eligibility of Items for Cancellation 

Customers have the right to cancel any item purchased as long as the item has not shipped or label has been created. If the item has a printed shipping label or has been are not eligible for cancellation. Cancellation is not guaranteed but we will try.  

How do I check to see if my item is eligible to cancel?
  • It's very easy log in to your account.
  • Choose which order the item is on.
  • Check to see if the item has a shipment number.
  • Contact us.
If you are eligible to cancel 
In order to cancel an item or an order contact us as soon as possible. Due to Covid-19 messages are only checked once every 24 hours. Please understand that after we cancel it cannot be reversed. You will need to reorder the item after that point.
We will let you know if we were able to cancel your order.
  • Cancellation is not guaranteed.
Why can't I cancel my order? 
  • Your items have already been packed up with other items and sealed.
  • Shipping label was creating meaning we just paid for the shipping.
  • The item has been shipped and is either on a plane or boat.
Thank you, Staff 

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