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Everyday Deals, LLC. is the owner of many valuable designs, trademarks, trade dress, brand names, slogans and copyrights, for the word Everyday Deals®, and many other distinctive designs and words. Everyday Deals, co., is the sole owner of the word / intellectual property "everyday deals". Everyday Deals, co. has exclusive legal copyright & trademark property rights to the words " everyday deals " in any form. This includes variations

 The intellectual property of Everyday Deals, LLC. may not be used without their express written permission. Any auction, username, transaction etc. etc. that bears marks, slogans or designs that are either identical or derivations of Everyday Deals® trademarks, trade dress or copyrighted material advertised, sold or offered for sale violates the intellectual property rights of Everyday Deals, LLC.. The unauthorized use of Everyday Deals, LLC. marks, slogans and/or designs, or ones confusingly similar thereto without a license is illegal. Such activities diminish the value of Everyday Deal’s intellectual property, cripple the effectiveness of Everyday Deals® licensing programs and endanger Everyday Deals® goodwill and reputation. ANY USE, DISTRIBUTION, ETC... of the marks, slogans, designs, etc.. also constitutes unfair competition. Such activities cause consumers to buy such merchandise in the mistaken belief that it originates from Everyday Deals, LLC. or is otherwise licensed by or related to Everyday Deals®, which siphons profits away from legitimate licensees and generates unjust profits for infringers. Consequently, the unauthorized use of Everyday Deals® intellectual property constitutes infringement, counterfeiting and dilution, unfair competition, and violates a variety of federal and state civil and criminal laws. Additionally, Everyday Deals® retains an ownership interest in all promotional materials provided to its distributors.

Everyday Deals® will aggressively protect its intellectual property rights and take action against all infringements. If you have information regarding counterfeit or infringing merchandise, please contact: Everyday Deals®sales@everydaydeals.org

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why was my auction suspended or removed?
A. If your auction was terminated in response to a request from Everyday Deals®, it means that the item you were selling or the listing itself infringed an intellectual property right owned by Everyday Deals,LLC. 
Q. Is there an easy way to identify infringing Everyday Deals, auctions, users or products? 
A. Sometimes a seller will use the terms "Everyday Deals" or a variation of the word "Everyday Deals" this is considered infringement. Everyday Deals, co. owns the rights to the typed words "Everyday Deals®" used in any form of advertisement, use in online, offline commerce, etc.. 
Q. Why hasn't Everyday Deals® suspended all auctions selling infringing products? 
A. Everyday Deals, LLC. vigorously enforces its intellectual property rights. It is possible some infringing auctions, users escape Everyday Deals® attention. The fact that others may be selling products that infringe Everyday Deals® intellectual property rights does not give others the right to do so, nor does it prevent Everyday Deals® from ending those auctions about which it does become aware. In many instances, Everyday Deals® chooses to send a letter notifying the seller of the infringement and requesting they no longer use the Everyday Deals® name or logo to sell items other than Everyday Deals® product depending on the severity of the violation. 
Q. Why does Everyday Deals® care about small sellers?
A. Everyday Deals® works hard to preserve the integrity of its name and its copyrights, trademarks and logos. The auction of infringing merchandise, which is often not of the same quality of Everyday Deals® products, again damages Everyday Deals® reputation and leads to complaints from consumers and internet users. 
Q. Why can't I sell items that use Everyday Deals® intellectual property?
A. items using the Everyday Deals® name, logo or other copyrighted or trademarked works, listed for sale on eBay in which the user is seeking a commercial benefit, is infringement. 
Q. Can I use Everyday Deals® trademarks or trade name to make my listing more appealing? 
A. No. The use of trademarks, logos, and trade names owned by Everyday Deals® may wrongly imply that your listing is authorized, sponsored or approved by Everyday Deals® and it may dilute the value of those intellectual property rights, in violation of both state and federal law. The use of trademarks as keywords to drive traffic to your listing may violate trademark laws as well as Everyday Deals own policy. The end result will result in legal actions against the poster of the infringing material. 






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