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We ship orders anywhere in the U.S. and to 230 countries all over the world. All currency accepted. We are U.S. Based with warehouse in the U.S. & China


Pay with a Major Credit Card via multiple payment sources.

PAYPAL - APPLE Pay -  Google Pay -  Shop Pay


PAYPAL: Pay via your Bank Account by PAYPAL. If you need to Sign up for a PAYPAL Account. It's FREE and SECURE!

If you don't want to sign up, then just use PayPal Express Checkout. (no account req)



APPLE Pay -  Google Pay -  Shop Pay

CLICK more payment options (see Pic)

*** Make Sure you add your email address or phone number ( for text updates) to get tracking updates on your shipment.

After Checkout


You will receive an e-mail from us directly to the email address you provide. Showing your order is approved and on it's way! In most cases the item ships within 1-3 days. If shipping from China expect a 1-5 day processing time. 



Payment via mobile smartphone is fast and easy no need to download any special apps. Just fast checkout!











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