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The cost and delivery time of your order are estimated online at the checkout. The estimation is performed according to the weight of items and their destination. Shipping cost only $4.99 - It's FREE for purchases above $49.99

* It's FREE after reaching $50 on your order restrictions apply.


 Use the tracking information we sent you in the email to track your order.

 A courier can deliver your order right to your doorstep. 

You can also receive your order in one of the Customer Pick Up Centers. Like UPS Stores, Mail Box Etc.. Stores be sure you have the correct address.
We ship orders anywhere in the U.S. and to 230 countries all over the world. See international ordering & shipping 



Shipping methods:


U.S.A. Warehouse U.S. Shipping

1 - 3 days processing time

Shipping from U.S. warehouse
Shipping Times
Expect 5 - 10 days after processing

China Warehouse

China Warehouse International Shipping

Shipping Times

USA: Between 25 - 60 days average 

Canada: Between 25 - 60 days average




Due to CCP virus / Covid-19 some shipments maybe delayed. We have no control of this and cannot make shipments go faster. Please be patient


BE MINDFUL - We do ship items in multiple shipments to speed up the process of getting your items. Also because we are a marketplace with multiple vendors. If you have order with more than one item expect multiple shipments.

ADD YOUR PHONE NUMBER - You can add your cellphone number to your order and account. Doing this can give you text notification of where your package is. Note: This doesn't always happen depending on your cell provider, service & area.

Tracking Packages - Simply log into your account click on your order. this way you can see where it is on the map

Lost Packages - Import Packages not arriving after 60 days after shipped. We can apply for a refund for you from the vendor you bought from. Typically takes about 7 - 10 days to get a refund. If your item happens to show its in a sorting facility or still in customs you may need to wait longer.

Stolen packages: You will need to contact the shipping company and complete a lost / stolen package form locally. 


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