How to Diamond Painting

How to Paint with 5D Diamonds
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5D Diamond painting, Rhinestone Painting, Crystal Painting, Diamond Dotz Painting, Diamond Dots Painting or Diamond Art is all similar to painting by number, except that instead of using paint, you are using tiny, flat-backed rhinestones, crystals, or faceted resin 5D diamonds.

Getting organized first is your best option. Make sure you get your canvas flattened out.  Then sort your diamonds in numerical order and if desired, you can put them to your diamond storage container. You can then mark or label your containers with the corresponding DMC number. Now your ready to get started

Step 1: Take your diamond painting pen and peel back the clear plastic film over your pink wax. Press the tip into the wax to load it firmly. The wax will last a long time, but once it starts not working as well, go ahead and clean out the old wax with your tweezers and replace it with new wax. The wax square has more than enough to last you through several diamond paintings. If you run out go to


Step 2: It's best to line the edges of the sticky part of the canvas with washi tape. This is to keep dirt, debris, animal fur and yourself from sticking to the canvas.

Step 3: Peel back the paper or plastic covering of the section of the canvas that you want to start working on.

Step 4: Find the symbol on the canvas that you want to start working on, and then locate the corresponding DMC number or color of diamonds. Pour your diamonds in the sorting tray. You don’t want to pour too many diamonds because you will need to be able to shake the tray to get the diamonds to flip the right side up for picking up. Gently shake the tray until the diamonds line up and are facing with the facets pointing up.

Step 5: Use your pen that is already loaded with wax and gently press down on one diamond until it picks it up.

Step 6: Locate the symbol on your canvas and place the diamond as straight as you can on that the corresponding spot. Press it firmly, but not too firm that the wax squeezes out on the sides. A helpful tip is to use diamond rulers on the corners located at to help you start straight which will make sure that you end straight. Don’t worry too much if your diamonds don’t appear to be perfectly straight at first because once you fill in the diamonds, they will tend to straighten themselves out or at least look straight when it's filled in.

It's pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it. It's a very relaxing hobby that is good for relaxation therapy, PTSD therapy or just a simply for a beautiful art. I found it takes your mind off all the problems around you and your left with beauty in a painting. Instead of problems it's a great art.

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