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Everyday Deals ® A Trademarked Minnesota Company


11/21/2023 Black Friday Everyday Deals ® start.

 1/10/2022 Chinese New Year is coming soon beware of potential future delays on items marked shipping from China warehouse.

12/01/2022 Stores in Oregon and Washington changing names soon. 

06/14/2021 Black Friday in Summer promotion

02/02/2021 extra precautions being taken do to Covid-19

01/03/2021 Shipping is somewhat back to normal. Basic shipping will take 20-45 days from China.


5/18/2020 We have restarted shipping from China most quarantines have been lifted. Shipping from China items are self contained for 25-60 days as it ships. Covid-19 / CCP Virus has been shown only to live on surfaces for just days.


3/01/2020 Stop shipping from China do to Covid-19 We will stop shipping from our warehouses in China until the Covid-19 outbreak is contained. We will only ship from our non-effected warehouse in the US.


4/20/19 Change to a new trademark approved to include " A dissemination in advertising via the internet ". No one can advertise Everyday Deals as a business or word on the internet.


12/01/2018 We have moved our office location to Bloomington, MN ..


04/21/2020 Call Center is only available for messaging only due to CCCP virus / Covid-19

03/01/2020 Call center is closed due to Covid-19

01/30/2020 Due to glitches on the website we will be upgrading. Some pages may not be available.

12/01/2020 Free Shipping all month long

12/01/2019 Free Shipping all month long

12/01/18 Free Shipping all month long

11/25/2017 Everyday Deals ® Forget Cyber Monday It's Cyber Week Sale Everybody Wins! Everyone is used to to that one day, well why not a whole week of deals. Starting Cyber Monday week will start a whole week of Deals ranging from 25-75% OFF. Also watch for our exclusive daily deal!


Everyday Deals ® has re-released there long awaited vendor program. What does this mean? Professional companies or people with a legitimate home based business can sign up to sell there items on the Everyday Deals ® network. Everyday Deals are currently offering 4 different plans to choose from ranging from Free - Unlimited. Everyday Deals ® basic vendor program allows you sell a limited amount of your items online among great companies like Everyday Deals ® & others.

If you decide to go BIG and sign up for Everyday Deals ® professional plan. You will be issued a actual Store on the Everyday Deals ® network. Where you can upload thousands of products, product information, your store banner, store information, shipping info & more. Also, besides your items selling on Everyday Deals ® general site pages. You will have your own Store to promote & treasure. Everyday Deals ® gives you a business presence among thousands of online shoppers.

Interested in signing up with Everyday Deals ® vendor program? Follow this link https://everydaydeals.com/pricing to see which plan is best for you.

Everyday Deals


Everyday Deals ® releases there long awaited Fall 2017 commercial, Live via YouTube®. See it Click Here. This commercial promotes our deal based website & store in general. Daily product deals, travel deals ,rental deals, & more.


Everyday Deals ® has released there former On/Off promotion "FREE Shipping". As now there semi-permanent promotion. This means that Everyday Deals ® will give FREE Shipping on ALL or 99% of items now. *Some unusually large items are subject to additional charges. *This change does not include our vendors, our vendors may choose to charge or give free shipping.

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